solid waste management plant
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Solid Waste Management Plant

The solid waste management plant uses a variety of sorting technology, which can efficiently separate organic matter, plastics, metals, masonry and other substances from a large number of municipal solid waste. And the separation rate is above 85%.

solid waste management plant
solid waste management plant

Perhaps the solid waste management recycling plant seems complex, in fact, its workflow is very simple. The detailed working process of solid waste management machines can be described as follows:

1. The MSW will be sent to the uniform distributing machine by plate feeder. The uniform distributing machine can spread the adhesive MSW evenly on the belt conveyor for subsequent operation.

2. The bulk waste is picked up manually in the first manual sorting platform, such as quilt, wine bottle, cotton clothes, big wood branch, etc.

3. Bag breaker can break open the refuse bag for subsequent operation. The broken bag waste is fed into the rotate screen by belt conveyor.

4. The rotate screen was designed in 50*50mm hole, which can separate the waste into different size, the oversize material >50mm(mostly are plastic, stone, textile, rubber boot, etc.) and undersize material <50mm(mostly are organic).

5. Undersize material is collected by the undersize collecting belt conveyor and transferred by the undersize transfer belt conveyor to the truck for further processing or landfill.

6. Meanwhile, the magnetic separator can separate the iron matter in the undersize material. After separating the iron by the magnetic separator, the oversize matters bigger than 50mm is sent to the eddy separator to pick out the non ferrous matters.

7. After the metal matters is sorted out, the remaining waste will be transferred into the wind separator by the belt conveyor. The wind separator was designed by combined of positive & negative pressure, which can efficiently separate the waste into three matters, the light matters(plastic), heavy matters(Brick stone, ceramic chip, glass, etc.) and combustible matters(hard plastic, textile, rubber matters, wet paper matters, etc.).The heavy matters and combustible matters are transferred by belt conveyor, and then the useful things will be picked up manually in the manual sorting platform, then loading to ship out. Afer the useful things was separated, the light matters will be transferred to the baler.

8. The baler can pack the light plastic matters to mass, which is easy for storage and transportation.

automated waste segregation system
Automated waste segregation system

Applications of Final Products:

NO. End products Productivity      Usage
1 plastic film 12% 1. Made into plastic particles
2. Pyrolysis platic to oil
2 paper 5% Make pulp to produce new paper
3 metal 5% Smelt new metal
4 glass 3% Recovery for reusing
5 battery,textile,bulk garbage etc 5% Recovery
6 biomass:wood,shell,food residue etc 70% Making charcoal from biomass or organic fertilizer

Technical Parameters:

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-300 BFX-400
Raw material Urban garbage
Capacity 100T/D 200T/D 300T/D 400T/D
Power(KW) 224.7 263 279 294
Area(㎡) 5366 6112 6200 6800

Special Design of Solid Waste Management Unit

a. Automatic operation can reduce man-made mistakes;

b. The LPC control system can monitor the working condition of the whole solid waste management equipment.

c. The unique closed deodorant system is equipped with aromatic ester spray deodorant system, which effectively control the odor of the workshop.

Uzbekistan Partner Came To Visit Beston Waste Sorting Plant

Before building a solid waste management plant, we must have to consider these factors, such as the waste sorting machine manufacturer, cost, price, location,etc. Our company can reasonably change the equipment configuration according to the garbage components of different regions and countries, the ultimate purpose is to create a safe, environmental and economic garbage sorting system for customers. If you are interested in Beston solid waste management recycling plant, please leave a message for us at any time.

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