Beston municipal solid waste recycling plant for sale

Eberhard Group Purchases Robotic Sorting System

ZenRobotics Ltd., Helsinki, Finland, and Eberhard Group, Zurich, Switzerland, say they have agreed on the delivery of a ZenRobotics Recycler robotic sorting system. The installation of the system, the first of its kind in Switzerland, will begin in late summer.

The Eberhard Group is a family-owned waste management company.

Martin Eberhard, Eberhard CEO, says, “We think long term. We seek the most economically and ecologically optimal ways to operate. It’s in our company culture to think innovatively, and the potential in robotic waste sorting is enormous.”

Beston municipal solid waste recycling plant for sale
Beston municipal solid waste recycling plant for sale

The ZenRobotics Recycler is the world’s first robotic sorting system for recyclables, according to the manufacturer, and is designed to reduce waste processing costs and increase recycling efficiency. The ZenRobotics Recycler reclaims multiple fractions simultaneously with the help of industrial robots and smart machine learning technology, the company says.

“Especially in this project, we have been able to demonstrate that ZenRobotics Recycler has amazing learning capability with new waste streams. The system now adapts quickly to new customer needs,” says Timo Taalas, ZenRobotics CEO.

Eberhard’s system will be the first ZenRobotics Recycler installation in Switzerland.

“We’re thrilled to deliver our technology to Switzerland as it’s a leading recycling nation with strict regulations,” Taalas adds. “We truly believe that robotic waste sorting is the best present-day option for recyclers everywhere.”

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