Beston Household Waste Sorting Machine with High Sorting Rate

Household Waste Sorting Machine

Beston household waste sorting machine has a wide application in cities all over the world. This machine has a special function which is to sort different waste to different type. Then these classified waste can be reused as the resources, which is beneficial for saving non-renewable resources and make profits from the waste. At present, Beston sorting machine has been exported to numerous countries, such as Hungary.

Every day, we generate a large of household waste in the global world. Only a few countries can classify and recycle these waste. Therefore, as for these countries which don’t classify the waste, how do they effectively classify the household waste? There is no doubt that Beston solid waste management machines can efficiently classify all kinds of urban garbage. This household waste management machine is designed based on principle of reducing the waste volume and turning the waste into treasure. By using the different separation methods, we can get organic, plastic, metal, brick, stone, etc. from the household waste with high efficiency.

Beston Household Waste Management Project
Beston Household Waste Management Project

The Feasibility of Household Waste Management Project

Every business has its own advantages. Through the following analysis based on the extensive marketing research, you will have a better understanding about the household waste sorting machine for sale.

1. Broad-based market. The municipal solid waste puzzles people every day. There are many household waste disposal methods, such as landfill, burning, and so on. But none of them is conducive to our planet we rely on. This trash recycling plant brings new sorting method to people. Nowadays, this household waste segregation machine is popular in foreign countries.

2. Reasonable budget. Firstly, we Beston Machinery will provide reasonable household waste sorting machine price for all customers. We make sure that the every point you spend is worthy of it. Secondly, the cost of raw material. The waste has wide source and low cost, which is easy to get. Accordingly, such a domestic waste recycling business just requires a small number of funds but greater benefits.

Reliable Household Waste Sorting Plant Manufacturer
Reliable Household Waste Sorting Plant Manufacturer

Security Design of Household Waste Sorting Machine:

The security is the issue that every manager of the plant pays high attention to. In order to better ensure the safety of factory and workers, we Beston rubbish sorting machine have the following special design.

a. Fully automatic operation system. The whole set of the machine has an automatic working process. This machine can sort the waste with high sorting rate in order to avoid manual operating mistake. Besides, this system will also save large manual labor cost.

b. Monitoring system. All the processing procedures are under monitoring so as to ensure the procession going smoothly.

c. Special odor control system. This system guarantees that workers have a relatively good working environment. Moreover, the workers’ health has been guaranteed.

d. Sealed processing system. This system can effectively prevent the unpleasant smell from spreading in the workshop. At the same time, it is conducive to reduce the pollution of the waste.

Beston Home Waste Disposal Machine - 3D Model
Beston Home Waste Disposal Machine – 3D Model

Specification of Household Waste Sorting Plant:

Model BFX-100 BFX-200 BFX-400
Raw materials Municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste and mining waste
Capacity 5T/H 10T/H 20T/H
Power 149KW 224.7KW 279KW
Area 2400㎡ 2800㎡ 3000㎡
Working time 20 hours 20 hours 20 hours

How to Sort Household Waste Sorting by Using Home Waste Disposal Machine?

1. The forklift transports the rubbish into the feeder, and the plate conveyor will take away these rubbish.

2. The garbage will be distributed evenly by uniform feeder. We can adjust the height of this feeder so that this feeder can cooperate well with other plate feeders. In addition, this step guarantees the smooth working of the next process, such as bag breaking.

3. Workers will pick out bulky waste when the garbage goes through the manual sorting platform, such as quilt, cotton-padded clothes, big branch, long stick, bricks, bottle, etc.

4. Then these rubbish will be separated by rotary screening machine, and will be sorted into two kinds of rubbishes. The first one is the diameter of the waste is larger than 50 mm (if you have other demand, we also can customize the hole size). The second one is the diameter of the waste is smaller than 50 mm. The smaller one is also called undersized material.

5. The magnetic separator will separately pick out the metal from the undersized material and the oversized material. Then the undersized material as raw materials for the system of fertilizing. The oversized material will go through the belt conveyor to other devices, such as comprehensive winnowing machine and packing machine.

6. Finally, we can mainly get four resources from msw processing plant, including plastic, metal, organic matters and constriction material. And these materials have a wide range of usages in our daily life.

Effective Method of Household Waste Management
Effective Method of Household Waste Management

Applications of the Sorted Household Waste:

NO. End products Productivity      Usage
1 plastic film 12% 1. Made into plastic particles
2. Pyrolysis plastic to oil
2 paper 5% Make pulp to produce new paper
3 metal 5% Smelt new metal
4 glass 3% Recovery for reusing
5 battery, textile, bulk garbage etc 5% Recovery
6 biomass: wood, shell, food residue etc 70% Making organic fertilizer or charcoal from biomass
household waste
household waste

Outstanding Services We Beston Machinery Provide:

1. Online service. If you have anything unclear, email us to get the professional reply. The garbage segregation machine price and the distinction of different models are the most concerned issue customers want to know. Send the message to us right now.

2. Visiting Beston manufacturing plant. Do you still have question about the processing process? Visiting Beston manufacturing plant is available for every customer. Contact us in advance. We will pick you up at the airport or at the train station. Then we will have a further discussion about the household waste sorting machine and the cooperation.

3. Turnkey project. Don’t want to set up the sorting plant by yourself? Leave it to us. We provide customized service. We would like to design sorting plant which belongs to you. Also, we can do all the work and finally hand over the plant to you.

4. Installation service. If you are not familiar with this machine, we will dispatch our experienced engineers to your site. They will assist you to install the plant. Besides, they will provide the training for your workers if you have this demand.

Beston Household Waste Sorting Machine with High Sorting Rate
Beston Household Waste Sorting Machine with High Sorting Rate

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