How to Increase the Efficiency of a Charcoal Making Machine Philippines

Charcoal making is a very remunerative business, especially in areas where many people use charcoal as fuel. In the Philippines, total woodfuel consumption is predicted to be 25 million metric tons per year, with charcoal consumption at 2.7 million metric tons per year. It’s a good chance to invest in a charcoal making machine from Beston.

Beston Charcoal Making Machine
Beston Charcoal Making Machine

As such, it would be wise to establish a charcoal supply business in the Philippines. However, to be successful in this business, you need a charcoal making machine that is both efficient and fast. This is easy to have especially when your machine is new or only a few years old. However, what happens when your machine has been in use for many years?

Here is how you can sustain the efficiency of your charcoal making machine in the Philippines

4 Tips to Keep Your Charcoal Making Machine at Its Best

1. Always Clean the Machine after Use

Cleaning a machine thoroughly is just as important as any other maintenance practice. Regrettably, the majority of businesses overlook this step. Filters, seals, cooling fans, and vents can become clogged with soot, dirt, and dust, reducing the overall performance of your biochar production equipment over time. As such, make sure to thoroughly inspect each component of your machinery and clean it.

Remember, using a hose to forcefully remove dirt traces is the simplest way to clean any charcoal making equipment. However, there are a few parts of the machines that are difficult to clean with a simple water hose. This is because they may contain contaminants like grease that are difficult to remove. In such a case you may need to use specialized cleaning methods to achieve perfect results.

BST-50 Automatic Charcoal Machine for Sale
Automatic Charcoal Machine for Sale

2. Check for Wear and Tear

Most machines, including charcoal making machines, are prone to wear and tear. This means that even if you take every precaution, age will inevitably affect the machines’ vital components. Belts, for example, will warp with use, seals will dry out or fracture, and bolts will bend or stretch out of shape. As a result, you must inspect all parts of the machinery for signs of wear and tear.

3. Use the Machine As per Manufacturer’s Instructions

Every charcoal making machine comes with a set of specific performance limitations. This includes maximum load capacity, a predefined range of operating pressure, and temperature. Ensure that you are familiar with the operator’s manual to study the performance limitations of your equipment thoroughly.

This is because going beyond the limitations and specifications will lead to increased wear and tear, along with reduced longevity. Moreover, it can sometimes compromise the efficiency of the equipment, resulting in accidents.

4. Conduct Thorough Employee Training

Employee training is one of the best techniques to ensure that your equipment operates within the pre-determined parameters. This is because the training helps your workers to learn everything there is to know about the machine. Remember, operator inexperience can lead to equipment failure, wear and strain, and even injuries.

Furthermore, industrial laws may compel you to engage certified and trained staff to operate certain types of heavy machinery. More importantly make sure employees know what the emergency plan is, and what safety procedures they should take when using charcoal machines made by Beston & company.

Wind Up

Since machines are meant to make work easier, it is important to make sure that they are always functioning properly. The same applies to a charcoal making business. Hopefully, following these tips helps in improving the efficiency of your charcoal making machine Philippines.