LJ Five Technology

Overview and Characteristics of LJ Five Technology

“LJ” Five Technology Overview:

“Rapid, Harmless, Non-residual, Resource recycling, and Industrialization” technology for MSW, called for short is “LJ” Five technology. This technology mainly solves landfill technology problems of large area, long time, pollution of groundwater, contamination of soil, and pollution of air. Running costs of pure garbage incineration technology and pure incineration power generation technology is high, and incineration of toxic gas is difficult to deal. The quality of fertilizers of composting process is poor, and is difficult to resource, files and mosquitoes breeding, which damage people’s health.

LJ Five Technology

After ten years of research and development of this technology, now uses a new generation of production lines, which designs as garden plants, three-dimensional layout, centralized control, computer management, visual monitoring, closed material transfer, fully purified gas emissions, solid waste and sewage achieves zero emissions, and reach cleaner production, the indicators reach the national standard.

Main Features of “LJ” Five Technology:

1. Quickness: Produced in four hours, and treat original waste into harmless resources in the day, day treatment, the same day the product.

2. Innocuity: Fully-enclosed work, no odor leading, no plastics burning, less exhaust gas.

3. No remaining: Recycle the waste, treat completely.

4. Adaptable: MSW, construction waste, medical waste, dead livestock, food industry waste,agricultural waste.

5. Small floor space: one-fourth of composting, one-sixth of landfill. As the processing technology is the factory operation, day treatment, the same day the product, which is completely treated without residual, and needn’t landfill, the occupied land can use for other projects, which is better than landfill.

6. High degree of resources and industrialization: As thoroughly sorting, all materials can be recycled, while reduce the amount of waste incineration and the amount of waste gas. (The reduction is nearly four-fifth of pure incineration)

7. Good market prospects of “LJ” high nutrient organic ecological fertilizer: Be necessary for green products.

8. Advanced equipments: Main equipments are patented devices, which are invented by years of field experience. So the failure rate is low, use of effective, and particularly suitable for Chinese handling of MSW.

9. Good economic returns, outputs are bigger than inputs.