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The Visit of Beston Machinery to Malaysia in August, 2018!

The Visit of Beston Machinery to Malaysia in August, 2018!

From 14th to 21st August, 2018, we Beston Machinery will pay a visit to Malaysia! Ms. Anne, Mr. He, Mr. Li, and Mr. Xu will attend this Malaysia’s visit. If you are interested in our waste sorting machine, welcome your participation at this time!

The Visit of Beston Machinery to Malaysia in August, 2018!
The Visit of Beston Machinery to Malaysia in August, 2018!

In this visit, our Beston team will tell customers more information about garbage sorting machine in detail. When you plan to do the waste recycling business, you must know the answers of the following questions. Do you know why this machine has high sorting rate? What are other advantages of Beston waste sorting machine? In addition, Do you have a clear understanding about the whole sorting process? We Beston Machinery will provide you four models from small-sized to large-sized waste sorting machine. We mainly have BFX-100, BFX-200, BFX-300 and BFX-400. They can deal with all sorts of the waste in our life. Therefore, if you have great interest in our sorting machine, why don’t take participate in this visit with us? Please contact us in advance! We will provide the customized service according to your requirement!

As we all know, more and more people and government pay high attention to manage the waste. Because the environment has become worsen and the resources have become less. Accordingly, a great deal of countries appeal to classify the waste and reuse them as resources. At this time, Beston municipal solid waste machine plays an important role. This sorting machine not only saves large labor cost but also makes profits for you!

The sorted waste
The sorted waste

We hope Malaysia will become a more and more attractive country! We also look forward to cooperating with you! Email us in advance. Don’t miss this golden opportunity.

Customer-oriented Services We Beston Machinery Provide:

1. 24-hour online service.

2. Providing installation service.

3. Customized waste sorting project for all customers.

4. Providing turnkey project for all customers.

5. Long-time warranty.

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