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Beston (Henan) Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the leaders in the sorting machines for municipal solid waste, plastic waste, paper waste, glass waste, household waste and others, the final products we get are organic and inorganic, irrecoverable fuel, film plastic and ferromagnetic materials. The sorting rate of the above garbage can reach more than 85%, the sorting rate of film plastic reaches more than 90%, which will lay a solid foundation for next treatment of "Resource and Industrialize".

Automatic Garbage Sorting Machine

Automatic garbage sorting machine adopts infrared sorting systems to provide an efficient sorting process with a higher collection rate compared with manual sorting methods and ensure the superior quality of the sorted materials.

Waste Glass Sorting Machine

Waste glass sorting machine has the ability to separate waste glass, acrylic glass and laminated glass from the waste glass stream,the final products are the main materials for White glass, Green glass,Brown glass and others.

Waste Paper Sorting Equipment

Waste paper sorting equipment is mainly suitable for the working of waste paper, because the plant adopts the first domestic garbage sorting lines, garbage compactors and docking technology.

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