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Beston Group Co., Ltd. is one of the leaders of manufacturing waste sorting machines to classify municipal solid waste, plastic waste, paper waste, glass waste, household waste and others. The final products we get are organic and inorganic, irrecoverable fuel, film plastic and ferromagnetic materials. The sorting rate of the above garbage can reach more than 85%, the sorting rate of film plastic reaches more than 90%, which will lay a solid foundation for next treatment of “Resource…

Municipal solid waste sorting machine

Municipal Solid Waste Sorting Machine

The main purpose to design municipal solid waste sorting machine is to reduce the amount of the waste and to ...
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Automatic sorting machine

Automatic Sorting Machine

Beston automatic sorting machine adopts advanced sorting technology, which can effectively sort all kinds of waste for us. Compared with ...
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Beston Trash Sorting Machine for Sale

Trash Sorting Machine

With the increasing population of cities, the trash sorting machine has become popular in many countries, like Hungary. Recently, the ...
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Waste recycling plant

Waste Recycling Plant

Beston waste recycling plant is the integration of high technology, first-class design, perfect configuration and excellent performance. It can classify ...
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Garbage separation machine

Garbage Sorting Machine

At present, Beston garbage sorting machine is very popular in domestic and foreign markets. This machine has the advanced technology ...
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Beston Solid Waste Management Plants for Sale

Solid Waste Management Plant

Maybe many people want to know the reason why solid waste management plant is popular in international market. Under the ...
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Beston Solid Waste Disposal Machine with Automatic System

Solid Waste Disposal Machine

Beston solid waste disposal machine becomes more and more popular to deal with solid waste. With the rapid growth of ...
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Beston Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant with Latest Design

Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant

Beston municipal solid waste treatment plant can be used to classify all kinds of rubbish. In our daily life, a ...
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Beston Garbage Recycling Machine for Sale with High Quality

Garbage Recycling Machine

Beston garbage recycling machine is always an excellent choice for people to sort the waste. In order to take full ...
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